Mobile app and CMS

Chances are, you haven’t come across this name yet, but it’s bound to make waves in the future. Gowzon, a promising startup backed by funding, approached us with an exciting proposition—to develop their innovative mobile app and content management system (CMS) for their upcoming venture.

Looking for weekend plans? Look no further than Gowzon. Craving a trendy spot that offers tofu mini sandwiches and goat yoga? Gowzon has got you covered.

The founders of this company are truly exceptional, and working with them has been a privilege for Barnyard. Here’s to their ongoing achievements and prosperity.

Client:    Gowzon

Date:     01.2022

Link:     app store / website

Currently accepting enquries for small 

and medium size projects.



Veteran Owned Business UEI: R3VMQHM7U6V8
Cage Code:9F5Y4